Testimonials from Patients

Testimonials from a patient

Awesome doctor and staff. Very professional and attentive to my family and I. Extremely knowledgeable and caring staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Casscells to friends and family if ever the occasion arrived.
Mary H.

Testimonials from a patient

Dear Dr. Casscells:

When I hobbled into your office last week, I was just about convinced that my hip was about to disintegrate, and I would be faced with major surgery.

I have not led a sheltered life and pain is no stranger, and this is on the high end of excruciating.

I left your office with a happy face. Your assurance that no surgery was required was great news, your suggestion that removing the lift from my shoe, while sounding too good to be true, was certainly worth a try.

Lo and behold, five days later, I’m doing yardwork. It will take a while to get those muscles shaped up, you need my days! I may be seeing Dancing With The Stars.

Thank you; God bless; keep smiling!

Testimonials from a patient

Excerpted from a letter to Dr. Casscells:
My confidence in you as a surgeon is based on the care and support you have given me as my orthopedic doctor. You encourage patient input and exhibit the feeling of helping the patient feel comfortable about being a team player in managing his or her own health care. Thanks for your continued commitment to quality health care service.
Elaine Griffin

Testimonials from a patient

Dear Josh,

Yesterday, I received my first “post op” checkup with Dr. Casscells and Ifeel it necessary to write this note.

Both your receptionist, Moses, and your nurse, Eileen, made me feel “rightat home” on my initial visit to your office to schedule my operation.

While Dr. Casscells helped to put me at ease by explaining the procedure andshowing me “the hardware” that would be replacing my left knee, I still hadsome trepidation before the operation.

After the procedure, to my complete amazement, I experienced little or nopain; I did not feel it necessary to utilize the “1-10 button.” It was onlywith the advice of the nurse and rehab that I “popped” a couple of Percocetsbefore the rehab sessions.

Upon returning home, any questions that I telephoned to your office werepromptly and intelligently answered by Eileen.

Now that I am up walking with a cane, I want to again thank Dr. Casscellsand his staff for their kind and complete professionalism!


Richard Mendelsohn

Testimonials from a patient

Top Docs
Delaware Today
3301 Lancaster Pike
Suite 5C
Wilmington, DE 19805

Dear Delaware Today,

The Top Doc in my book is Dr. Christopher Casscells of Casscells Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. I carefully chose him to operate on my right shoulder as another orthopedic surgeon had done a poor job when operating on my left shoulder a few years ago. I knew I needed to have the other shoulder fixed but I was reluctant as the first recovery was very painful and took forever.

Dr. Casscells took lots of time explaining what needed to be done and how he would do it. The day of the surgery he didn’t rush me when I asked lots of questions that he answered with confidence.

Within record time, I was back at work as manager of Cromwell’s Tavern feeling great. I only wish I had known Dr. Casscells when I needed to have my first shoulder operated on as then I would have two strong shoulders.

Select Dr. Casscells!


Annie Goffredo

Testimonials from a patient

 Helen C. Riley

Helen C. Riley

Dear Doctor Casscells,

Finding the words to thank you for restoring my life is not an easy task. I want to use every complimentary phrase and every superlative adjective I can think of to describe what I have experienced because of your skill as a surgeon and your caring as a human being.

When arthritis devastated my hip, the agonizing pain and the immobility that resulted took my freedom. I’m a smiler who can generally be optimistic in any situation. But, chronic pain robbed me of my joyful spirit and my life. Everything was a major effort and I felt myself withdrawing from all I enjoyed.

When you replaced my hip on February 9th of this year, I got a chance to start living again. People may think that sounds very dramatic, but it is so true. The pain was gone almost immediately, and the mobility came back very quickly. I did just as you said I should and that was the key. I was up on my feet the day of surgery, and it felt empowering. By carefully following your instructions and working with the therapists, I went home a renewed person in a few days. Amazingly, I was able to return to work in just a couple of weeks… walking on my own two legs.

Thank you, Dr. Casscells. You are a very talented orthopaedic surgeon. Your skill and technique relieved my pain and restored my freedom. You are also a man with the good old-fashioned bedside manner that hurting people need so desperately. I really appreciate your quiet, confident and patient disposition. Thanks for understanding my curiosity and answering my many questions. I placed my trust in you and you did your very best for me. I felt that every ‘step’ of the way.

With gratitude and affection,

Helen C. Riley

Testimonials from a patient


Myra Jane Poole

When my mother was experiencing foot pain, her nursing home had her feet x-rayed. These x-rays showed many small fractures and we promptly scheduled an appointment with Dr Casscells.

He immediately recognized the osteoporosis condition (chalkousis) as one being the result of circulatory problems compounded with diabetes and old age. I know a Doctor’s hours are usually rushed, but we felt like he was there to see mom and spend as much time with her as she needed. He was very personable and sat with my mother and myself for probably 15 minutes and discussed various options. He explained the condition to mom and although it was not exactly "curable" he made several rehab suggestions that we implemented at the nursing home (mostly massage therapy to increase blood flow) that I believe helped.

Dr Casscell’s "bedside manner" was extremely comforting and for anyone that has had to take care of an elderly parent, you will know what a relief it is to visit a Doctor like this.

Thank you

Roger Poole